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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Taking action is the key to success, this is one of our main beliefs. From 100 people who have a business idea, only around 1 of them take action and turn the idea into a viable business option.

At Citadel Business Academy, we encourage you to explore your self employment options and if it is your wish, we will help you to get the ball rolling immediately and continue to support you on your business journey.

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Mindset & Mental Health

Mindset & Mental Health

People tend to underestimate the power of the human mind.  Developing a positive 'Mindset' can be learned if the desire is there. We have the ability to form our own thought processes and develop the Psychology of Success triad of Physiology, Mental Focus and Self-Talk. 

Increasing our levels of conciousness is one of the foundational building blocks of success in any area of life, including Relationships, Self-acceptence and your businesses customer and client experience.

Business Mentorship

Business Mentorship

We understand not everyone is the same, however we all have a rich tapestry of Skills, Knowledge, Experience and ideas to call upon.

We offer personalised 1-to-1 support for people wanting a more private and mentored environment, as well as group support encouraging networking and team building, all with the same goal of building you as an individual and reaching the potential we both know you have within you.

Business and Staff Training

For access to our business coaching, support and training, as well as staff training courses, please click the link presented below, and we can work together in scaling your business.

Online Training Courses Tailor Made For Your Business

Explore the list of our training courses, put together by experienced people in their respective departments, with coaching, artificial intelligence, online store creation and funding bid writing all available.

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Website Builder

Due to multiple website building requests from clients, we have decided to link an AI website builder to make the process simpler for you.

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Welcome to Citadel Business Academy, a not for profit social enterprise which is dedicated to supporting aspiring entrepreneurs like you to explore their entreprenuerial dreams. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our focus on helping our business clients, students and business starters reach their full potential.  We offer one-to-one business startup support, Business and Personal Development Training and Continued Professional Development.

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In pursuit of our goals we have two choices. Raise our game, or lower our standards.